The Breadbrother (egometry) wrote,
The Breadbrother

Good news and bad news.

Bad news

My car was merged into by an uninsured mexican boy last week. He got arrested for lying to the policemans. Good times.

Bad news

The repair bill is estimated $3000.

Good news

My deductable is only $500

Bad news

I'm sick. again. I hate being sick. Maybe I should stop programming for >16 hours at a stretch.

...but there's so much science to do!

Good news

My first weta raygun arrived last week. Here's the cream of the crop.

Click them to embiggen.

Montana McGraw is not such a quick-draw for a McGraw.

Look out, Montana McGraw, Will Ferell's behind you in his natural, cardboard-and-befedoraed state!

Lighting... so... moodsetting.

Hollywood action star Ben poses dramatically before shooting the Sun-men.

Killing Moon-men is junior league.

Obligatory evil.

You know... this is more of a heroic steampunk gun, but the law states that if you get a cool steampunk toy, you gotta evil out a little. Even if it's just for pretends.

Yeah yeah, I'm a dork. But there's only two things you do with expensive toys. You play with them, and you display them. And I wanted to play.

Okay, the third option is to hide them in a dark corner in your horde of mint collectables like some nerd dragon who will be slain to free the One True Sourcecode. But that's like having an insanely hot girlfriend and "saving it for marriage" when you're simultaneously afraid of commitment.

Okay, the metaphor police are coming for my virus-wracked hide. Time to book to bed. Again.
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