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On friday, the 21st, I was at work until 4. At 3:30 my protolandlord emailed me approval of the app Kael and I tendered, I printed it out, signed it, and handed it to Kael. Then I drove to the airport.

I flew to Phoenix. I flew to New York City.

The flight to JFK was th worst of my life. It was an overnight flight and I was in the plane's bitch seat. This would be the backmost aisle seat. It doesn't recline and people brush by you to the bathroom all night. On top of it I was miserably sick. So I couldn't sleep like I do on every airplane ride ever. And when I pulled out my PSP to use Disgaea to distract me for 3 hours, I dropped it and the battery rolled away, never to be found again.

I then got to the car rental place. Which promptly told me that my reservation was a bag of dicks because while they had a location in Syracuse (wher I was to fly out of), it was not a location I could put the car at (wtf). So after murdering them with hate, I rented a new car at National for twice as much. Cost me a bloody grand.

I drove to Providence with my little brother. I drove to Albany with both my brothers.

I sang very badly along with my Zune. Nick joined in some.

Saw my cousins and aunts and grandma. A more wretched hive of lack of tactand couth you've never seen. Please: consider the source while evaluating that previous sentence.

My first cousins have been very busy cranking out a large number of young second cousins. My brothers and I remain barren. We also remain the most successful of the whole lot.

Went drinking with my cousin Anna and my brothers on xmas eve. That was fun. Justin and I gt into a flirting contest with the incredibly dirty bartendress. He was taken abak when I went on the verbal agressive against him, as it was something he's never seen in his place of power. Anna was amused and considered me the winner. In fairness though, he was stunned into inaction that there was verbal sparback. I usually (ie, always) let him do his incorrigible thing and hang back quietly when drinking with him.

Slept a whole lot. Felt better afterwards.

I drove to Lacona. I drove to Syracuse. I drove to Turning Stone Casino. I drove to Syracuse.

While in Lacona I hung out with Ira and Maura and Ira's little sister and Nate Barron. We went to a local barand shot shit and drank shitty beer (bud light was the single tap in the establishment. We added salt and hot sauce to it.)

After three hours of the most sober drinking I've ever done, I drove to pick up Jonah in Syracuse and we played Poker for a good five hours. We were both down by the end, him much less so than I. I was surly about my poker skill degradation on the drive back.

We then wandered around the mall at 9 AM (musing aboutwhat kind of soulless zombie comes to the mall at 9 am) because I wanted a replacement PSP battery... which apparently is sold nowhere. We then went to his dad's house and made sweet, sweet love slept on various non-bed surfaces. I met his older sister for the first time, who is apparently cute and clearly mindbogglingly insane. For the last hour of my sleeping there in the tiny living room with Jonah, she was drying off her (adorable) dog ON TOP OF JONAH (WHO WAS SLEEPING ON A MATRESS ON THE FLOOR). I mean, wtf?

I flew to Chicago. I'm about to fly to Austin.

I decided to make a journal entry while waiting. When I get to Austin I'm packing up my room and cleaning the room out, and driving my fully restored Civic 1500 miles to my new home, which I only just got in the beginning of this post.

I am sick of travelling. I am looking forward to a month or two of not doing it.

And I'm very not looking forward to driving from Austin to Mountain View. :(
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