The Breadbrother (egometry) wrote,
The Breadbrother

World 2 of Zeux?

I've almost settled into my new place in Mountain View. Almost.

Ikea failed to bring over one of my couches last sunday, and have finally gotten around to remedying that tomorrow morning. I'm a dining room set, a bookshelf, and two small tables away from true domestic happiness.

When I was setting up my computer last weekend, one of my LCDs tried to murder me. It's power supply must've become unhinged and deranged, because after I plugged it into the wall, as I moved the VGA port to the computer it started arcing when near the metal.

On top of that, one of my other monitors just died. I'm down to slumming it on a single LCD. I feel... dirty.

The living room is fairly sweet, though. The projector works superwell on our giant wall. aen has been over a few times so far watching the Count of Monte Cristo re-imagined by those wacky japanese as a gay space vampire. And aen only had to assemble a few pieces of furniture for this pleasure!

There are rumors that hiretsukan may be my housemate (condomate?) but even though he's on the lease and all, I've yet to him at the place. I know he's alive still since I sometimes dine with him after work...
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