Mandelbrot and Monkeys!

Saw a Jonathan Coulton show last night. It was amazing.

You all probably know him as "the Code Monkey guy". I prefer Mandelbrot Set and Skullcrusher Mountain better, though. The first features a mathematical formula in the chorus, and the second's a love story from a Mad Scientist's point of view.

I was one of a few people shouting "Mandelbrot!!!" when he came back on encore, and apparently it did the trick because it wasn't in the set list from the previous night's show, whereas everything else all night matched. <3

Anyways, that was the best thing I've seen all year. The opening act Paul and Storm rivaled him in awesomeness too, and apparently are the touring half of the now defunct DaVinci's Notebook (which is one of my favorite a capella groups ever).

okay, more fan music videos featuring deranged love songs :3Collapse )

I two-and-a-half Jonathan.

Astronomy astounds

The Earth (or Terra), is the only life-bearing planet we know of.

The Moon (or Luna), is significant in that it's a very large satellite (very large in comparison to it's primary, Earth).

Without the Terra-Luna system, there likely would not be life (at least, not as we know it) on Earth, for various reasons (Tides, Winds, subterranean barycenter, etc).

These are all facts.

I like facts. I also can like things that may not be facts, but are still objectively true.

For instance: the moon was created, very likely, by the collision of what was largely the earth and a foreign object roughly the size of mars. Without this collision, life wouldn't exist.

The similarity to certain in utero activities also vital to a lot of life as we know it comes to mind. That's the part I like.

I mean, sure, the scale is completely off since a spermatozoa is teeny, and if the earth was an egg the impactor object would properly be the size of a small state, but from a poetic point of view it's easy to compare the two events.

Poets have a license, after all.

A reason to live...

(From AutoBlog)

I now have a mission in life. And that is to procure one of these magical crystal stallions. So divine.

With a car like that, if anyone says you're overcompensating you just whip out your wang and smile. And then you punch them in the gottam eye.

"Named for the bull that killed toreador Felix Guzman in 1943..."

Yeah. It's a million-dollar car named after a MURDEROUS BULL.

Christ, It's like the machismo scale has just been recentered and we all lost ground in the transaction.

Divine Ambrosia

"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography."
-Ambrose Bierce

With a wit and a mustache like that, how can I not have a mancrush?

A creepy... necrophiliactic... mancrush.
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So yeah...

As of sometime last week, my girlfriend broke up with me.

The #1 response from people? "...I didn't even know you were dating."

Shows to go how much y'all talk to me ;(


I has a Vacation

A week ago I drove from Texas to New York City with Toby.

I got two speeding tickets on the way. The Man has taken my hymen.

I spent two days in Maine. Diagnosis: Maine sucks.

I has a Mia and a Locke and a Gayo. Gayo looks like a thinner Drew Carey who sounds like Matt Stone. Gayo is absolutely not a really nice guy. His secrets have been spoiled.

Locke is very polite and looks like a young Alan Rickman with a far deeper voice.

We're going to Waltham now. To Moody Street. This is apparently a fun thing to do!